Question Smartphone recommendation - specs and value for money as similar as Sony Xperia Z3 as possible

Oct 15, 2021
Hey everyone!

Could you guys tell me what is the version of the Sony Xperia Z3 in the current market? I mean, the most similar smartphone possible in terms of specs-value for money that the Z3 had in its time.

This is BY FAR the best smartphone I've ever had. When I bought it, all the Best Buy sellers unanimously recommended it to me, and I don't know of anyone who has had it who is not equally satisfied. I gave it to my father to upgrade and I regret it... now he has the best phone in the family. My father is a bit rough, yet the phone works as if it were new.

So now I want to buy something similar, but I'm not in the States anymore to have access to the Best Buy salesmen's opinions. I don't care about design, color or any of that stuff. I just want specs and solid performance as close to this phone as possible. Android. May it last for years. Decent enough camera (this was a lot for that time, I don't expect that perfection) and good sound. It does not have to be a recent release. In fact, I'd rather it already has about 2 or 3 years in the market in order to get access to useful reviews, to easily detect recurring failures in the models. I would also like it to be waterproof just like the Z3 was, just 30 minutes because this I want just so it doesn't get ruined if it falls into the water - if the device doesn't have this, I'm fine though. The only caveat I can think of is it was glass in the back, and although I never had a problem with it, I'd rather a material that is less delicate and less prone to heat. Price around USD300 tops. Oh! And it doesn't have to be Sony, but I'd prefer it because usually brands like Samsung are overpriced and I find Sony is great quality in the things I care for. It's friendly, well designed, solid, good sound and camera (camera is not that up in my priorities because if it's a Sony I give decent camera for granted).

I'm not going for another Z3 simply because it's too old now. I bought one of the very last batch so obviously it came out defective. Plus, if I find one, it will probably not support future software updates in a couple of years.

Thanks in advance!
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