Question Smartwatch advice

Dec 6, 2019
Hello all and thanks for letting me join, just a fyi I'm a total rookie at all this so please bare with me.
Ok so I do service work that involves my hands being in the water, mud, etc. So when a phone call or text comes in from a customer I don't know it until I return to my service vehicle. The issue with this for my line of work is that I might need to stop what I'm currently doing to go handle an emergency. I need a way to see immediately a text or call coming in so I can better service my customers and a cell phone is not a option or at least I haven't figured out how to do it. Dropped them in tanks, holes, soaked them, and can't open to view messages with wet muddy hands etc. Any suggestions, advice, comments would be greatly appreciated. I have Motorola phone if that matters. Also I'm looking for suggestions for a smartwatch since I failed to mention that above.
Thanks in advance
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