Question Smartwatch recommendation to replace Apple Watch?

Oct 6, 2022
My Apple Watch Series 1 finally died, and I'd like to replace it with a non-Apple watch (to give me the flexibility to switch to Android when my current iPhone dies).

It's hard to find reviews or comparisons that focus on the basics. They all fixate on the latest bells & whistles, but the basics are my priority. Here are all the features I need in my ideal watch:
  1. Inexpensive
  2. Sync/Find my phone
  3. Display current weather and time
  4. Customizable notifications (texts, calls, calendar, and some apps)
  5. Shortcut to switch watch & phone to Silent or Theater Mode (my favorite Apple Watch feature)
  6. Play/pause from my watch (podcasts, Amazon Music, local music)
  7. Slim -- I don't want something too giant and chunky.
Honestly, that's it. I will never use it for payments. Good battery life, water-resistance, and some limited fitness features (like counting steps) are nice-to-haves, but not deal-breakers.

Thanks for your suggestions. I DON'T want to spend a lot, and obviously I don't need (as evidenced by the fact that I was still using a 7 yr old Apple Watch)!
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