Question SMT590 won't charge

Jul 27, 2021
Hello everyone,

I'm stuck with a Samsung SMT-590 that won't charge or turn on.

It all started with a warning 'water detected in charging port'. There wasn't any of it in the charging port, but the port looked a little damaged.

So I replaced to entire charging port/print. I guess it's called the PBA.

After replacing it, the tablet still won't charge. I tried the well known combination of power/volume down, power/volume up, all three buttons and also every single button. I've tried all combinations for several minutes.

The only time I see a little bit of life is when I press all three buttons at the same time for about a minute. When I plug in the power adapter after that the boot screen will show up for a few seconds. After that the tablet turns back into en black screen.

I've tried the original adapter and cord, but others as well. I gave all of them about 10 hours to charge, without any result. When I plug it into a computer, nothing will happen.

I hope someone can give me a solution.

Thanks in advance.
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