Question Soft Bricked, Almost Finished Unbricking, Just One Problem


Jul 6, 2016
My phone is Infinix Hot 10 (X682B). I flashed a wrong boot image and got my phone bricked (and it's quite a severe case).
Here's the answer of FAQ of the condition:
  • Cannot boot into fastboot or recovery
  • Battery is non removable
  • The phone is trapped in a boot loop
  • PC connects when phone is off, and disconnects when phone is on
I know how to unbrick it, by flashing it using SP Flash Tool, since the chipset is MediaTek. All went well, until one problem occured. It turned out that my phone needed a custom Download Agent (DA) file, the person who made Infinix custom DA files hadn't created the DA file for my phone yet, and the file probably wouldn't be created for a very long time, since the latest DA file created was uploaded yesterday, and it was Infinix Hot 9 Play's DA file, a phone that was released in April 2020.

Is there any way to create a custom DA file? I know decent bit how to code, but I don't know how to create DA file. I hope I'm skilled enough to create the DA file.

If you know how to create a custom DA file, please tell me.
Thank you in advance.

EDIT: If you know how to flash boot image with my phone's condition without using DA file, it will be even more amazing.