[solved] Acer Laptop Does not Turn On


Dec 14, 2012
So this is my mother's laptop... Can only imagine what happened to it.. but now got to try and fix it. It has had a hard life... haha

Laptop> Acer Aspire E15 - "E571" motherboard type "la-b161p"

This is what happens >>> Press ON button, Access/Process light turns on briefly and then goes off. Screen Stays black, does not power up. CPU fan goes on. Also, my mother told me that it smelled bad right before it stopped working (yeh... I know where this is going, but want some confirmation)

Tried so far;

-Disassembling, and visual check on components, looks okay

-Tested hard drive in a HDD dock, Powers on, I am able to access it

-Removed one ram stick, and tried again, swapped ram sticks, and still nothing (would there be specific #1 ram stick slot? like... if it's in slot #2 it wont work even though it's OK? and this point asking stupid question to rule out silly crap)

-Battery did charge up and seems okay, Power brick is not working properly, break in wire somewhere, need to have it in certain position to work.

-battery reset, remove battery and hold power button for a while

-without battery plugged to power brick, no go

I can only assume it's the motherboard..... any thoughts?