Question SOLVED: Headset sound is also input after splitter (1f/2m)

Apr 9, 2020
Hi folks

After noticing my microphone didn't get registered when I plugged my headset into my PC, I bought a splitter cable with 1 female / 2 male 3.5mm AUX. Specifically --> this one:

Works like a charm... Except --> All my sounds get registered in my input as well. Which means that when I talk with other people on VoIP, they can hear themselves, and if we play a game they can also hear my sounds.

In my windows sound settings, my Output device is:
"Headphones (High Definition Audio Device)"
And my Input device is:
"Microphone (High Definition Audio Device)"

Inside my Sound Control Panel, Playback device is "Headphones", Recording is "Microphone".

When I play a video on YouTube or something, I can see the microphone is picking it up. It doesn't pick it up if I use the speakers in my monitor, unless I turn the volume up ridiculously high.

All in all, I just want to know if there's any hope for my splitter solution or I should just go buy another headset - or a separate microphone or something
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