Question (SOLVED).Samsung UN50J5500 not displaying picture from new Yamaha Receiver

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Oct 18, 2020
Hi, everyone, new here :)

I just bought a new Yamaha receiver (RX-V585) and it works well. BUT when I connect the HDMI out to my TV (a Samsung UN50J5500), it doesn’t show anything. I get the sound coming out from my cable box connected to the receiver, but the image doesn’t go to the TV.

I have troubleshooted it in every way possible: changed cables, changed the HDMI input on the TV, messed around the receiver’s configs... nothing works. I know the HDMI out is working properly because I tested it with a computer monitor I have here, and it worked normally. Picture showed as it should. But when I connect back to my TV, I get a “no signal or signal too weak”.

is it because the TV is “old” (2015)? I have no idea what’s going on.

thanks a lot!

—— EDIT ——

okay, so I decided to try one more time since this wasn’t letting me sleep. And it simple worked. I didn’t change ANYTHING on the setup. Nothing at all. Simply reconnected the cables (like I did 10 times before and failed), and it worked. I have NO idea what was wrong.
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