some laptop keys not working properly


Jan 22, 2016
hello! I really need help... some of my keyboard keys are not entering correctly. when i press the following keys, it enters an extra..
"w" shows 3w
"r" shows 5r
"y" shows 6y
"u" enters 8u
"o" shows 0o
";" shows =;
"left arrow key" shows ]
"enter key" when pressed functions enter but with an additional letter "p" to it

other than that, other keys are working fine

solutions i've tried:
1. turning off the numlock
- i connected a usb keyboard and turned off the numlock but to no avail. the usb keyboard is working fine and my on-screen keyboard as well

2. changing language and keyboard
- both is currently set in English

3. hard reset

4. re-mapping
- i tried to re-mapped the problem keys and restarted my laptop but it still enters the same

5. sticky keys are turned off

laptop model: asus x202e
OS: Windows 10

hope you can help :( thank you