Some of the speaker jacks don't work on Bose subwoofer

Mar 16, 2018
Some of my speaker jacks on the bose subwoofer don't work if I plug the center speaker into the center plug it doesn't work but if I plug the center speaker into either the right or left front speaker jack it works same with the rear left and right speakers if plugged into rear left and right Jack pugs they don't work but if I plug rear speakers jacks into front plugs on subwoofer they work. All the speakers work but they don't work when plugged into certain Jack plug holes
This could be due to the main control unit of the Bose HTS (or AV receiver) being set to stereo rather than surround sound.
If the sub also contains the amps for all the speakers then it could be that only the amps for the front left and right speakers are working.
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