Some Questions about Screen, Proccy.


Nov 17, 2012
Hey guys.
I had this question that has been bugging me of late.
I've been looking at dell laptops(India)
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My usage will be pretty Gaming-centric. I know the 7730M isn't really a top-class card, but that's the whole scene in India. We don't have the Y580's or the 660tx's released here, and even if they are, they are priced exorbitantly.
1. The screen. Should I get the HDWLED- 1366* resolution screen ie. the basic one, or the FHD 1920* resolution screen. I'm not sure if the 7730M is able to handle games on high @ FHD screen. It would be useless to spend more on a screen and then having to compromise gaming settings to just get smooth gameplay isn't it? I realised FHD is more clear, better experience while watching movies etc. But thinking purely about games, and the gpu(7730) is it worth it? Also, if on the FHD, while playing I choose 1366* reso ingame, will it look blurred/outoffocus?
2. i5 or i7? Do I spend that extra money to get myself an i7? or should I stick to i5? I've just joined college, and I'm doing computer studies.(just starting). I will be coding, programming and all that, and I donot know what kind of usage/multi-tasking will I be up against? Do I need those four cores in the i7 or should I just go ahead and get an i5.

Help me out here guys, thanks!