Some questions on Sony BDV-T79 sound system I just bought(total newb to surround sound)


Oct 11, 2013
Hi guys, just bought this at Costco the other day. Just have a few questions. I want to make sure it is set up right.
It has one HDMI output and 2 HDMI inputs and 1 optical audio input.

I have it setup as follows:

System>TV via HDMI output

HDMI input 1>Cablevision Box

HDMI input 2>PlayStation 3

The television is an old 46 inch Vizio from ~2007. I want to make sure I'm getting 5.1 surround sound for all of my sources. Can you get 5.1 via HDMI? Or do you need to use optical audio input? I thought it was the latter but 5.1 LCMP flashes on the screen when I boot up my PS3 and when viewing the HD channels on the Cablebox. Other channels like news and such are 2.1.
Also, it came this little calibration unit. It says you're supposed to put it on a tripod(not included) while you auto-calibrate. I don't have a tripod. Is it okay to place it on top of my TV or even hold it up arm raised?
hdmi is capable of 5.1 and so is optical. the difference is that while both support compressed audio, hdmi can support 5.1 uncompressed and optical only 2.1 uncompressed so hdmi is superior.

it sounds like you have everything hooked up right.

are you talking about a calibration microphone? this should be placed at head level where you will be sitting and the calibration test ran. no you should not hold it. it should be placed on a solid object such as the back of your chair, up on some boxes... anything really. it uses information from the mic test to calibrate speaker delay so that everything sounds as good as possible.