Someone installed WebRTC on my Mac


Nov 17, 2015
Hi guys

I'm in need of some help here. I recently found out that someone installed a WebRTC software on my Mac running OS Yosemite 10.10.2.

I came to this conclusion after detecting a certain driver called RTCC. After doing a little research i found out that this RTCC driver is being used by a particular software called SightCall ( can be installed on a device to allow remote acces to Webcam, Microphone etc.

Now I'd really like to find out who is responsible for this. Could anyone help me out?

I found some configuration and log files related to this RTCC driver but don't know if it's of any help. You can find weblinks to those files down below. (I don't know how to read them, when opening with notepad just a bunch of hieroglyphes appear)

Furthermore I installed a network monitoring tool on my mac but couldn't find any suspicous connection attempts related to this issue.

Any kind of help/advice is appreciated

If you're a guy, they probably hacked your computer, installed it, saw you were a guy, and left without bothering to clean things up.

If you're a cute girl, they probably check in with your Mac every now and then and watch you when they're bored.

The other possibility is that it's part of a program you installed yourself, probably related to video conferencing.