Question Something weird is going on with my audio

Mar 27, 2021
So Today I got a new head set which is the logitech G733 , It works 100% fine, I have 3 monitors, Now when I play games it can sometimes sound normal or sound weird like coming out of a tin can, then sometimes I can have other window open like google chrome sound normal but then sometimes sound weird like the tin can due to what I have open, its almost like my PC is putting 1 window over the other for sound, not really sure how to explain it, but for example I have twitch open it sounds normal on my 3rd monitor , it sounds normal on all of them, Then my game sounds not normal , I then closed everything and open the game first and it was normal but then the window with twitch was sounding weird like the game was, Then I closed everything again and open the game first and it was sounding weird and twitch window was normal , so I have no idea what's going on, seem to start when I got my new headset logitech g733 wireless , I also can click out of the game and the sound will go normal on the game since I clicked out on other monitor but when I click back on the game it was back to the weird tin can sound.

It's almost like its giving whatever program the top priority so it has normal sound while the other doesn't, it seems to effect the game the most, only sometimes it happens to the windows I have open (google chrome) anyone got any idea what the heck is going on? When I do go back to my old headset is doesn't happen, so it seems to have something to do with this headset, but then again if I click out of the game while its running in the background with sound it goes to normal sound then I click back on the game it goes right back to the weird tin can sound.