Sometimes when I take out the charger cable out of the laptop, it shuts down and gives me a real time clock error


Nov 28, 2014
Hey all! I have a Dell Inspiron 17 laptop with Windows 8.1. Often when I do these things my laptop shuts down then when I restart it gives me a real time clock error or something (I don't remember the actual error code):

- unplug charger cable from laptop
- hold my laptop up to move it somewhere else (holding it by the sides)
- I have a usb fan plugged near the outlet of the charger cable outlet, if I fiddle with that it sometimes shuts down

There are rare times that when this happens some of my keys type other letters or numbers, or don't even work. I always had to unplug everything, take out the battery, press and hold the power button for 1 minute and then everything is back to normal.

I don't know what's happening but hopefully someone might know something about it.