Sonos Playbar vs. Bose Cinemate 15


Apr 27, 2015
I recently purchased a Sonos Playbar without the sub. While the Playbar sounds really good at moderate volumes, I'm not completely happy with the audio quality at higher volumes (80% max volume and above). My question is, does anybody out there have a Cinemate 15 from Bose? I've heard the demo in Best Buy so I know that it gets loud, but how does it handle music at high volume levels? Specifically heavier music. I appreciate any information you may have.
IMO the Sonos is far superior to the Bose. Yes it is not designed to play extremely loud but it has superior clarity. They just use better speakers in it than the Bose. The Sonos Playbar is designed as a music speaker first and a soundbar second. For heavy bass oriented music you will need the sub eventually.