Sonos speaker compatible with Echo Dot, what are good options


Sep 3, 2017
I am interested in getting a Sonos speaker to use with our Echo dot. Should I wait until Sonos is Alexa compatible? I could get the Sonos 5, but we have a small apartment. A Sonos 3 is probably all we need. I would love better sound than the Dot puts out. What are your thoughts? And if anyone is using a SOnos 5 with the dot, how is it?
You really don't need a Sonos speaker to use with an Echo Dot. Sonos has it's own streaming set up and app.
The Play5 is the only one that has an input that you could connect a Dot. You couldn't use a Play 3 or 1 with the Dot.
You just need a self powered speaker for the Dot. One of these would sound better than the Play 5 and cost less.
You could add a second one later for real stereo too.
If you already had a Sonos speaker and wanted Alexa voice control then a Fire tablet with Alexa would work when Sonos supports it.