Question Sony 900h, pioneer VSX-933, PS5 - ARC not working


Jan 5, 2014
I’m going a little crazy here.

i cannot get audio over HDMI from my Sony tv to my receiver. I have HDMI CEC turned on everywhere. On my tv and receiver.

Because I want to use my hdmi 2.1 features on hdmi 4, I have my PS4 plugged in there.

I have my pioneer receiver connected through hdmi 3, which is the arc/earc port through to my receivers hdmi ARC port.

I have turned off the “TV” audio setting to disable Audio over optical. I have set the pioneer audio to arc. No matter what I do I get no sound unless I connect the optical cable.

im no Av genius but I’ve been able to set everything up. This has been a nightmare.

Thanks in advance
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