Solved! Sony built-in speaker system to new input

Jun 10, 2020
I work in a small office with built in speaker system throughout, right now is connected to a Sony radio system, so all it can do is play the radio. I am trying to figure out a way to play music through it from another source. Either by way of an AUX input or connecting to the nearby computer.

I'm going to explain it like a 6-year old because I know nothing about it, haha. There's a bundle of 4 wires out of the wall that each seperate into the 2 red/black-in/out, they're raw wires that hook into the ports.

I'm sure I need to buy some kind of intermediary device.. but I have no clue what.

Help please?
The amplifier that drives the speakers is in the Sony radio system so you would need to connect the new source to that unless it had it's own amplifier built in. You could run the analog audio output of the PC into an amplifier or get a stereo receiver with an input you can use.
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