Question Sony dsc-h5 wont turn on HELP!


Dec 11, 2014
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OK so I got a camera from a friend he was not using it anymore and it sat still for at least 2 years. I installed new ultimate batteries in it(non rechargeable).
-pressed the power button. red light blinks and I hear a sound (like opening sound musical type) and it doesnt turn on.
was told to remove the batteries press power 15 seconds and reinsert batteries. nothing more happened.
Tried with the usb cable BUT with a usb cable (not the original one) nothing happens not even a blink red light or short music sound.

OK it was free but I really wanted to have it to work I found the manual online no help there either. Tried the batteries in my older canon and it works.
Can you please tell me what to do next. I find it weird it does that blinking red light and then shut off. I read on internet its problem with many sony thinking someone here knows what to do:)