Review Sony Inzone M9 review: Sony’s first gaming monitor is a winner

Moose and Squirrel

Mar 12, 2022
Sony 3D display was the first Sony gaming monitor, released in 2011.

I can understand how they'd prefer to have this one be their first though. Despite having excellent specs, the product had an extremely high defect rate.

Then they sold for next to nothing because nobody wanted one.

I have one, still and it still works fine because I bought a 5 year extended warranty with it, and that practically guarantees you won't get a dud.

And yes, full 3d support with glasses. 24" 1080p with 240hz refresh rate, multiple HDMI inputs (unusual for a monitor at the time). $500.

With the most interesting feature employing the 3d glasses. Two pair were included. If two players in a multiplayer game wore them, and the game supported Sony's "simulview" on a PS3 game, the 3d glasses were synced so that each person saw only half of the shutter clicks, and their half of the game, preventing the other person from "screen cheating" where they look over to see where you are.



Nov 15, 2014
I find it weird there is no mention in this review about the constant cutting out "scanning for signal" black screen that happens anytime you open a game, close a game, different times during the game. Google search brings up hundreds of people talking about it. I'm been live chatting back and forth with sony for 3 days and no fix yet.