Sony KV-32XBR37 TV; no video input


Aug 18, 2011
Accidentally had the Sony KV-32XBR37 TV connected to an outlet with no ground and reversed hot/neutral. When I connected a Playstation 3 to the Video 3 input, a zap/spark occurred at the Playstation 3 video output jack. The circuit breaker also tripped.

I have since had the outlet rewired properly by a professional electrician. The Sony TV turns on fine, but there is no longer any signal from any of the video inputs. When pressing the DEMO or MENU buttons, text appears on the screen as expected, but there is no signal from the cable box, game systems, DVD player, etc. The Playstation 3 is now connected to another TV and works fine.

Is this something that can be fixed and is it even worth troubleshooting? I'm handy with a soldering iron if it's a known problem with an easy fix. I also have the KV-32XBR37 service manual. It's an old TV, but was otherwise in great shape with a good picture.

Any help is appreciated.


Mar 17, 2006
It is not an easy fix, the TV may have surface mount components on board, and also figuring out which chip/s is fried isn’t easy. Ask how much a pro charge to fix it and hope that the damage is just the signal selector circuitry.