Sony pro monitor with limited usable audio outputs

Feb 11, 2018
I have an old Sony RM-980 commercial monitor (saved from the scrap heap at the A/V company I used to work at). I've had a TiVo hooked up to it for a long time, and I run the audio from the TiVo into an old Onkyo receiver. I just added a Roku to the other HDMI connection and DOH! No sound. I'd forgotten the whole "monitor" thing.

The unit doesn't have the standard connections as shown in the manual. The only audio output available is stereo connections directly to external speakers. I have the tinned wire ends converting to rca plugs, but I'm leery of plugging a speaker connection directly into an amplifier input. I know that there's probably not a lot of power sent out of that monitor, but I don't want to blow up any of my stuff. ;)

Hey, I was in sales, not engineering. Any thoughts or suggestions will be appreciated!
Feb 11, 2018
Thank you! Just placed an order and I'll have the converter here in no time. The Onkyo is from my salad days, so there's no digital anything....but there IS a place to hook up my turntable.:wahoo:
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