Sony sacd player and bose lifestyle 18

May 10, 2018
I have a bose lifestyle 18. I also have a Sony sacd player. I would like to listen to some multi channel sacd’s that I have. I would like to use the bose satellite speakers to play the output from the Sony player. firstly The bose amp is in the sub itself so I will need to use another sub with the Sony. I see on here some fix by manipulating the bose pin cable output but I aint going there just to listen to a few sacd’s. To play the Sony output through the satellite speakers I was planning to get a 2 to 1 rca adapter and plug both the bose speaker outputs and the Sony outputs into the adapter so I could use the speakers without having to plug and unplug the bose speakers from one system to another. Would that work assuming I have a decent quality subwoofer connected separately to the Sony? Obviously I wouldn’t play the two systems at once! Sacd’s won’t play multichannel via optical cable so rca is the only option I seem to have.
What model is the Sony SACD?
SACD players don't have amplifiers built in so you can't connect speakers directly to them regardless of the connectors both being RCA. You will need an AVR with discrete 5.1 analog input and a powered subwoofer.
Given the low quality of the Bose speakers I don't think it will be worth the expense unless you plan on upgrading the speakers.
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