Sony TV KDL50W800B (Bravia smart TV) not playing sound through Samsung bluray home theatre system (HT-H6550)


Feb 8, 2015
I recently bought a new blu-ray home theatre system for my smart TV and I am having a lot of trouble simply using my TV as the main source of video whilst using the blu-ray HTS for audio.

Any time I go to the main TV home screens, there is no audio at all. The bluray HTS is connected both via HDMI in the ARC slot and via optical cable (I've tried with just the HDMI cable3 and just the optical cable, that didn't work either).
I've read through the product manuals of each and I feel like I'm doing everything each of them ask me to, however I am still not recieving sound while using the TV as my main form of video.

I would just give up and get a reciever, however the speakers require a connection directly to the blu-ray player in order for them to work so I can't even connect them into a reciever and just switch inputs as required.

Is there a solution here? Or should I just cut my losses and get a proper reciever and speakers rather than try and deal with 2 smart systems dumbing each other down?


I believe you have to go into your TV settings and Disable the TV audio and use other sources only, at least this is what I had to do with my LG TV which had a similar issue. I also had to do the HDMI cable shuffle as the TV was picky on what cable it liked best, I ended up using a cheap one from Amazon and returning the expensive $35 dollar Wal Mart cable.