Sony Vaio black screen, Windows and external monitor working

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Mar 24, 2016
Hello everybody,

I have an old Sony Vaio laptop (exact model VGN-NS235J/S) that starts up Windows with no problem, but the screen is not working. The external VGA port works fine and thats what I've using to reinstall Windows (complete format), install updated drivers from the official Sony website, check for display settings in Control Panel, etc.

I opened up the laptop to do some dust cleaning, reset the RAM and HDD. Every cable plugged in all the way and nothing was loose or not plugging correctly. Again no problem at all except for the black display.

Funny thing is that when I open the Windows Mobility Center (having set the option to duplicate screen in onboard display and external monitor with Windows Key + P) and lower the display brigthness to the mininum the laptop screen turns dark grey. As I increase the brightness in the Mobility Center the laptop screen darkens until it goes pitch black (as if the laptop is turned off) at the maximum brightness.

Is there someway I can fix it? Or must I buy a screen replacement? Already found one on Amazon for the my exact model in case I do. I also have watched videos on how to replace the display but I'm unsure if that's the real problem and I don't want to buy a replacement screen if the problem isn't the screen but something motherboard related.

I appreciate any help and enlightment you can provide and thank you in advance.

P.D.: This is the first time I've written a thread so if there is anything I can do to help you understand the problem, let me know.

Aditional information:
- Laptop has no problems displaying 1080p resolution on the monitor.
- Internal display connectors are checked and plug in correctly.
- Intel HD graphics drivers are installed and updated.
- All other external ports (audio jack, USB, SD card reader) work. Onboard camera and mic work too.
- Wi-Fi and onboard audio function normally.
- Had no problem installing Windows using DVD.
- No heating problem and the fan spins properly from what I can tell.
- On System Properties, it shows 4.00 GB (3.84 GB usable) in installed memory (RAM). I suppose some portion is system reserved, maybe?
- In the Device Manager, under the Monitors section, it shows two entries: Digital Flat Panel (1024x768 60Hz) and Generic PnP Monitor.

You've pretty much done all the possible troubleshooting steps that should have resolved the issue but right now the next step in order to really identify the issue is to replace the LCD itself together with its ribbon cable.

Here's a replacement screen for your laptop:

And finally if replacing the LCD and ribbon cable will not work that means the problem is within the motherboard itself.


Mar 24, 2016

Thank you for your answer and I beg your pardon for my late response. I couldn't get access to Internet until now. I feel more confident now that the course of action I should take is to replace the display.

In a few days I may buy it, then I would just need to wait for it to arrive and test it. Funny thing though that the link you posted directs me to a $295 replacement screen (mind you it is the correct one for my laptop) but I have found the same screen for $50 and $70 on Amazon too.

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