Nov 12, 2015
I have a 2 year old Sony Vaio Svs13125cg with the GT640M LE gpu. Previously when it had the pre-installed windows 8.1, the computer ran absolutely fine. I could play games with a reasonable setting and get good fps. Games like tf2 could run maxed out at over 60fps(yes its not a very demanding game but wait) But the amount of bloatware on the install of the OS slowed the laptop down. I bought a new SSD, a windows 8.1 key and proceeded to swap the HDD for the SSD and do a complete clean installation of windows 8.1 . Thats when the problem started. Suddenly games like tf2 lags pretty badly. Games i could play before suddenly didnt play as smooth. Now this laptop has a small switch on the top of the keyboard which either toggles the " Stamina " Mode or the "Speed" mode. Its pretty clear what it does. On the preinstalled 8.1, there was the Sony Control Panel which had the option of setting stuff like the fan speed and all depending which mode you choose. The fan was spinning really fast (like it should) whenever i play games. But after the clean re-install, the Sony Control Panel was no more. The fan refused to speed up which then causes the GPU to thermal throttle affecting fps. I cannot seem to find a driver or a fix to enable the fans. Is there any way to solve this situation? I still have the previous HDD intact with the old installations. Is there a way just to extract the drivers from there?