Question Sony Wega CRT: picture discoloration through component, normal through composite

Apr 13, 2021
I have a sony wega kd-27fs170, a 27inch mid-2000s trinitron model. The component inputs were totally broken, no video and finicky audio, working only on one side. opened it up and discovered a cracked pcb in that area. bought a soldering iron and some copper wire, and after straining my eyes staring at the damn thing trying to trace the mess of leads, i decided to give it a shot. first i tried the easiest thing and reflowed a couple cracked solder joints that wouldn't require me putting down any wire. tested it and to my surprise this fixed the audio. then i stared some more and put down 2 wires. it was sloppy and tedious, but tested again and i now have a picture through component, however it's discolored, the problem appears to be the green. it's too much green on the right, too little on the left. at first i was worried that i had damaged the gun or the grille in the process of turning this thing around, but i tested the composite inputs and the picture is just fine, so i ruled out the possibility that i did any extra damage in the repair process.

with the progress so far i'm pretty determined to get this thing in proper working order, so what kind of problem might i be looking at here? can it be i just missed something? maybe i soldered some things too close together and am looking at some kind of interference? will provide pictures if needed, any leads/help will be appreciated.