Sony Xperia V: Receiving phone calls/SMS, but stuck on PIN-code screen


May 29, 2015

My Sony Xperia V has been having issues lately. Yesterday it had restarted during the night, and was waiting for me to enter the PIN code. As I entered the PIN the Message "Unlocking SIM card" appeared, before the phone went back to the PIN code screen.The phone was receiving phone calls and SMS, but it was stuck on the PIN code screen. When I tried to type in the PIN again I got "Wrong PIN code", and it's been that way ever since.

The Things I CAN do with the phone:
- Receive phone calls: When somebody calls me the phone actually changes from PIN code to normal "call screen", and I can answer the phone.
- Open the camera from a sliding short cut menu on top of the screen. I can take Pictures, but when I try to open the picture I've taken by clicking the thumbnail in the lower right corner of the camera screen, the phone goes back to PIN code screen.
- Type in my PIN code, followed by my phone telling me it's the wrong code, which it definitely isn't. I've double and triple checked this. Also the PIN seems to work the very first time after I turn the phone on, eventhough the phone is stuck in PIN code screen.

The phone actually asks me for PIN code even when I remove the SIM card before I turn it on, but then it goes straight to "Wrong PIN code" when I enter my PIN.

I've tried to connect to a PC to load a backup image from PC Companion, but the PC tells me that it can't access the phone's memory since I haven't entered the PIN code.

Could it be that resetting the phone to factory settings somehow will help? And is there any way to do this with the limited access I have to my phone's software?


Jun 26, 2015

I'll contact a moderator to check but I think this falls under this: