Sound bar as a centre speaker from preout.

May 1, 2018
I have an old RX-V1050 which has Pre Out RCA for centre, Sub, and rear speakers.
I want to use a YAS-107 as the centre channel as it is in essence an amplifier and speaker. I understand the intent of soundbars is to replace such equipment but it would suit me to use it in this way.
There is an analog input on the sound bar. Would it be best to use this or digitise the signal and use the optical input. I am concerned about delay in conversion and signal levels. Any ideas/ theories are welcome.


You may be best going with the you indeed may get a delay with the conversion. It does happen.

It depends on the converter.

I don't know enough about converters to suggest one that wouldn't have a significant delay....although I imagine they might exist.

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