Solved! sound bar connected but not getting the bass i should be

Nov 27, 2018
I have a Vizio smart TV, it has one HDMI input. I recently just purchased a Samsung 5.1 soundbar that comes with a Sub woofer and two rear speakers. I have everything hooked up. The soundbar is hooked up using an optical cable to the cable box. nothing is hooked up directly to the TV.

when hooked up to the cable box, the input that displays on the soundbar says "D Fin". I am not getting the true bass that i should be. I have the Sub woofer turned up to 6 and the volume on the soundbar turned up to 40. It should be rumbling. I do hear sound coming from the Sub woofer, rear speakers, and soundbar, but not like I should.

Can you tell me what i am missing, or why this is the cause.

Make sure that your cable box is set to output in Dolby Digital.
Most cable programming won't have that much deep bass. Find some content that should like a recent big action movie or music video. Make sure that the channel has Dolby Digital.
Placement of the woofer is crucial to both the quantity and quality of bass. An old trick to find the best placement is to put the woofer where you sit and listen to the bass at each possible placement location. Put the woofer in the spot that sounds the best to you. Corner placement will improve the output of the sub but the quality may suffer. Room size is a big factor too.
Your expectations may just be greater than what the soundbar system can do. Most don't have large size woofers or cost enough to produce serious bass in a small package.
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