Sound Issue - Sony Vaio VPCF2205E


Mar 4, 2012
I've had this model Vaio since September, and until mid-January pretty much everything ran absolutely perfectly. Then I started noticing an irritating sound lag in Skyrim. Since then, the issue has popped up in various other programs, but manifesting itself in slightly different ways.

In Skyrim, it comes in two forms that i've noticed so far.

- When swinging/firing a weapon, the game carries on as normal, but the sound effect is delayed, sometimes by so little as to be unnoticeable, but mostly somewhere between 1 - 3 seconds behind the animation.

- Secondly, and far more difficult to deal with, is NPC dialogue. When an NPC is about to talk, either in standard conversations, passing in the street, or grunting/shouting in battle, the game pauses for 1 - 3 seconds before resuming with the sound playing normally. This delay, especially in bigger battles of 3 people or more, has rendered the game absolutely unplayable. Note - the sound does not normally loop. It just causes the whole game to hang whilst it seemingly "loads".

In La Noire, the sound lags behind as in Skyrim, but the game continues to operate at the same speed. Sentences sometimes do not finish, or overlap in a way that is not intentional. Other sound effects are fine, only speech is affected. There is also a lag issue with the facial animations that appeared at the same time. They play out of sync, and sometimes glitch out slightly, replacing a talking face with a non-talking one. I have not noticed any other texture issues in this or any other game.

In VLC, I every so often the video and audio will pause briefly before resuming, with a visual glitch immediately afterwards where the frame goes all sorts of funny colours. Sorry I can't give more details than that.

Although this issue now seems to affect the majority of games on the laptop, these three examples cover the basics of the problems i've had. I've attempted any number of fixes, updating my video drivers and changing settings. Previously I ran on high settings without issues, but now this sound lag presents itself on any settings level - i've tried each in turn. I have also attempted:

- Restarting
- Registry cleaning
- Malware/Spyware/Virus scans
- Uninstalling programs/changing startup programs
- Reinstalling/updating sound drivers

Also some others, i've been having the problem for a month now and i've lost track of the number of things i've tried. My only thought is that it must be some kind of hardware issue, although Windows Experience Index claims all my statistics, including Hard Disk transfer rate, are unchanged from before the problem occurred. My laptop is under warranty, so i've got no problem if it's a hardware issue, but some kind of idea would be fantastic before I go crazy.


Core i7-2630QM @ ~2.00GHz

Nvidia Geforce 540m

8gb of RAM

Windows 7 64-bit

For any other details please ask, i'm not utterly incompetent with computers so I should probably be able to provide something. Either way, any help you can give me would be appreciated so much. Thanks.


Dec 9, 2011
Hi, Here just a common sense answer, not an electronics expert answer: do you have the option for system recovery to the factory default? Maybe from an image on a hidden recovery partition, or recovery DVD.That would surely contribute some useful information to the hardware vs software question, wouldn't it?


Mar 7, 2012
Dear Customer,

Thank you for becoming a patron of Sony product.

We sincerely regret the inconvenience caused to you. We have forwarded your concern to our concern department. Our service specialist would get in touch with you shortly.

We appreciate your patience and request you to bear with us till then.

Thanking and assuring you for best services always.

Sony Customer Satisfaction Team.

Hi :)

Thats got to be a wind up yes ???

A "concern" department....lolllll

If its genuine, get someone whose normal language is ENGLISH/AMERICAN to read that and ask their opinion of it...

All the best Brett :)
Hi :)

To the OP ..yes I suspect its a hardware problem and I own a laptop repair company...(no concern department though lol)

I would do this...if you brought it into one of my shops...

Run a long hard drive test in DOS...Hirens CD etc...

Then assuming it passes the test, go into safe mode and play a normal cd (a bought one not an mp3 on REPEAT for a minimum of an hour and listen to see if it hesitates...

If its fine then try the same in normal mode...

Then let me know back here what happens and I will help you further...

All the best Brett :)


Mar 4, 2012
Thanks Brett :)

I've never run into a concern department myself, but I assume they deal with issues not serious enough to be classified as a full-blown complaint ;)

That sounds like a great check to run and one I haven't had suggested to me before...ever in my life. I'm a little confused. Googling hasn't helped me, could you explain exactly what program I need to run this long hard drive test? Is there one you would specifically recommend?

Many thanks


Hi Doug :)

Hirens CD is a free download if you google for it...

Download the file (usually an ISO)

Write the ISO TO CD

Boot from that cd

Choose hard drive testing section and run BOTH the short and long test....

This is done in DOS not windows...

All the best Brett :)
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