Sound not transmitting properly


Dec 24, 2013
Firstly i'm not sure this is the right Forum, if it's not feel free to move to to the right one.

The problem I currently have is that my computer is not transmitting sound to anything apart from HDMI ports.
By this I mean that the usual method I use is with a Digital cable to my Receiver (Pioneer VSX-329) which then either transmits to my Speakers or - depending if it's connected or not - my headphones.
This worked flawlessly until I got a new GPU from my brother who got my old one since he bought a new GPU. (My main GPU is a 970 from Asus, my old is a 270x also from Asus, and the -new- GPU is a 750 Ti. Once that 750 was inserted into the System and i started the Computer my regular transmittion didn't work.
I tried removing the GPU but that didn't solve the problem. (I insterted it afterwards again, i will retry removing it to see if it works after I post this)
The funny thing is I can still transmit sound over HDMI to my monitors which have a speaker function which also works fine.

This is the things I've tried to far:

  • Restarting the Computer

    Plugging everything out, then in again

    Installed new Sound Drivers

    after that didn't work I fully deinstalled Sound Drivers and reinstalled new ones

    I isolated the problem to the PC since I can still transmit sound over other cables to my receiver and it works fine

    The problem is not confined to the Digital Cable since even using a Aux-RCA adapter, (which also works with the Receiver)

    I attempted to directly connect my Headphones to the PC, which at first lead to it flashing on and off in the sound Menu, but now doesn't show up at all
I really don't know what to do right now, i've tried what i know to solve the problem, but right now the only option I see is doing a full reset of my system and reinstall windows and hope that fixes it, and if it doesn't maybe buy a new mobo or just a new sound card.


Dec 24, 2013

It is already the default playback device, however it does not appear to be transferring to the Receiver
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