Sound not working until I reboot


Jan 7, 2015
I currently have the satellite a505-s6965. I bought it back in 2009 but last year my hard drive crashed so I replaced it with a 1tb SSdrive and upgraded to windows 7 in the process. I haven't had any other issues until maybe about 2-3 weeks ago when i noticed after so long my sound stops working. I can't play videos, music or anything. Itunes wont even show the song playing at all. I have done everything, my drivers are all up to date, my bios is updated. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers. I have tried headphones and none of that changes anything.

However...if I hit the volume up button on the laptop, it will beep through both the speakers and headphones but no other sounds will play. But if I restart it will all go back to working for so long. Sometimes when the sound works i may sound a little cracked or weird.

Could this be my sound card going out, if so I have zero problems replacing it but I am just wondering if anyone had suggestions before I open this laptop up. As this is my main computer used for my school stuff I can't be without it for too long. My only other computer is used for managing virtual computers/servers for another set of classes.

Any suggestions on a fix for this issue?


Jan 7, 2015
Yes. it is not working through there either but the keyboard sounds beep through both, but no music or video noise will play through either one.
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