Sound problems with Razer headphones

Mar 26, 2018
Hello, I've got a problem that has been driving me crazy for about half a month. So I have a pair of wired Man o' Wars and the sound quality was perfectly fine, the sound came through crystal clear for the 5 months i've had them. But just before christmas I upgraded my GPU to a 1070 ti and ever since I did that my sound is drowned out like every single sound coming from my computer (whether it be games, videos, streaming or teamspeak) it all sounds the same. It's hard to hear people sometimes in games when walking around and it is getting really annoying i've tried the following.

Uninstalled razer drivers and razer synapse and reinstalled

Uninstalled Nvidia HD audio drivers and reinstalled them

uninstalled nvidia graphics drivers and reinstalled them.

uninstalled the nvidia hd audio drivers and left them uninstalled.

I've have a screenshot of all my PC settings as to make sure if I switch hardware or pc's that my settings can be adjusted, I made sure everything was set correctly in all sound settings and razer synapse itself and through all of that and even adjusting some things my audio still feels drowned out as if something like a cloth is covering my headphones. This wasn't happening before I switched GPU's it sounds stupid but it the only thing I changed in my setup over the past few days and I noticed the sound problem instantly. I tried to get used to it but I can't

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