Question Sound setup for my game room

Nov 11, 2021
Need help with audio setup in my gaming room!!!!

So I have these devices already that I use to watch content on my LG 27GL850 Monitor.

Xbox Series S
Fire TV Stick 4K
And a PC.
I have two devices as audio outputs:
SteelSeries Headphones
A small soundbar with 3.5mm aux cable which is good enough for the size of the room.
I mostly watch prime video, YouTube, Twitch, Hotstar and live TV on these three devices.
The Xbox series S and Fire TV Stick have only HDMI Outputs.

But the real issue I have is that the LG Monitor gives a very bad high-pitched hissing noise along with audio on its 3.5mm out port. Tried with numerous HDMI and DP cables, Different sources and different output devices. Same noise every time.
Same issue on another monitor:

So using DP/HDMI as audio out on all three devices and using 3.5mm jack for the soundbar for audio is out of the question. I am having an LG technician visit tomorrow but best case, they will replace the panel, but most likely the new 27GL850 might have the same issue.

I thought of getting an HDMI Switch + audio extractor like this:
But this would mean that I would either have to use the HDMI instead of DisplayPort for my PC, which would limit to 1440p 100Hz

One of the the workarounds is: I use both DP and HDMI for same monitor on PC and use HDMI as audio out, but this causes more problems than it solves. I will have an extra extended display which I can't use, and Windows as well as Pop OS like to open new windows in this unused display all the time. If I disable my 2nd display in display settings, I can't output to the HDMI port.

What should I do now?
I need a setup that
  1. Does not require me to plug and unplug cables every time I switch my content source.
  2. Does not cost more than what it would cost me to sell the 27GL850 after I get RMA unit and buy a similar one which does not have that 3.5mm audio issue.
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