Sound to PS4

no. for that you would need an audio extractor. this looks like

you have two options: use optical out and buy one with an optical input or use hdmi for audio and buy one with hdmi and passthrough that hdmi to whatever adapter you are currently using to go to your tv. you would then need a rca to 3.5mm cable unless the model you buy has a 3.5mm output on it.


another thing to try and check is if the DVI port on your tv accepts audio not just video. DVI-D is capable of audio transfer and hdmi-to-dvi cables exist (i use one to connect from my PC to Receiver on my own setup so i know they work as long as both devices support it). if this works then its a simple cable fix which is not expensive. if not, you'd need an adapter similar to what i mentioned before to do it better.


note: you may be able to hook a 4pole 3.5mm to 3.5mm x2 cable up to your ps4 controller and use the headphone portion hooked upto your tv for audio as well however this will tether your controller to the tv and eliminate some freedom of movement so its not really ideal. basically your tv will be acting as "headphones" which is going to do pretty much the same thing though the ps4 will always think you have a headset connected.


Mar 15, 2015
Would this work ( )?

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