Question Soundbar muting. I

Jul 7, 2020
I have a Panasonic TX-50DX750B TV connected to a Panasonic SC-HTB15 soundbar by an HDMI cable from HDMI2 (ARC) on the TV to TV(ARC) on the soundbar.
I also have a BluRay player connected to the TV via the soundbar.
When the audio drops on the TV (such as between programmes or segments) the soundbar mutes with the green light under PCM going out.
As soon as the audio comes back on the TV the soundbar unmutes with a 1 second delay before sound is heard.
This sometimes causes a loss of the first word or two of speech which is annoying.
Is there anyway to prevent the soundbar from muting in the absence of audio.
I have tried to resolve this by contacting Panasonic but it's like talking to a brick wall! They just don't have a clue.
Usually there is a long delay before the soundbar mutes so I assume this is a recent problem. The delay circuit isn't working as it should.
you can try turning off CEC in the TV menu or switch to the optical audio connection rather than use HDMI (ARC).
Does the same thing happen when you use the BD player?
If so then the problem is definitely in the soundbar and given it's age trying to repair it would be way to expensive if even possible.