Question Soundbar passes through video from AppleTV but doesn't play audio

Jul 19, 2019
I bought a new Yamaha YAS-108 soundbar to replace my old receiver. I have the soundbar and the TV connected through ARC. I have my AppleTV (which is the device I use the most) plugged into the HDMI input on the soundbar, the blu-ray player plugged into HDMI2 on the tele and the PVR plugged into HDMI3 on the tele. When I have the AppleTV selected, the video plays on the tele but there's no sound coming out of the soundbar. When I select either the blu-ray player or the PVR (both of which are plugged into the tele) everything works as expected. However, no sound for the AppleTV. I've looked at all the settings and everything seems to be set up correctly. However, the only thing I've noticed is that I can't select HDMI as the input, even though the AppleTV is plugged into the HDMI in. I've even tried a different HDMI cable and got the same result. Any suggestions?
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