Question Soundbar to AV Reciever to Projector Issues

Aug 9, 2023
Having issues with connecting from an ARC compatible soundbar to AV Receiver to Projector, I suspect this is because of the lack of ARC compatibility in the projector. Also this AV Reciever is having issues handshaking with my chromecast so I will likely be looking towards alternatives involving an hdmi splitter.
Just wanted to confirm If I am on the right track or completely off course with these assumptions
1: ARC Compatibility is causing no sound to come from AV Reciever to projector
2: I should move towards outputting the AV Reciever into a splitter to receive sound and solve the chromecast handshake issue

Any input on what would be best to alternate to instead of these options would be greatly appreciated (plan on moving to a more traditional speaker setup soon)

Soundbar/Audio Device: polk magnifi mini ax sound bar
AV Reciever: Yamaha rx-v685
Projector: Viewsonic PK748