Sounds are unclear!


May 20, 2016
I connected my Samsung note 4 with speakers. It restarted so I took it off, then when I turned on a song, it didn't work! So I restarted it again. Now it's working but the voices are unclear and there is these noisy voices at the background. The voice is also unclear when I use my headphones especially the left one.
Any suggestions of how to fix it?
It sounds like the device made changes when you installed the speakers. Try the following to see if it will resolve the problem.

Option 1...

The simplest fix is to restart the device. This can sometimes, not always, eliminate any glitches.

Option 2...

The silent/vibrate switch may have been turned on. Here are two ways to check that...

A. To check this you can either use the drop down menu (simply slide your finger from the top of the screen down.). Here you will find options for a few different things like "Wi-Fi", "Screen Brightness", etc. Choose the speaker option and make sure the slider is all the way up.

B. Another way to do this is to go into the "Settings", then "Sound", and finally "Volume". From this screen you can adjust all volumes and make sure that none of them are set to low or on vibrate.

Option 3...

Insert your headphones into the headphone jack then take them out, repeatedly. Sometimes the device tricks its self into thinking its in headphone mode. In doing this you are also likely todislodge any dust, dirt or other things that may have gotten into the jack.

Option 4...

Make sure your phone has the most recent updates. If any changes have been made to the OS for your device, it will have included fixes for known issues. Which your problem could be one.

Option 5...

There have been also been many reported problems arising after connecting a Samsung Galaxy device to any Bluetooth device. Even if the connection has been aborted/stopped/cancelled there often seems to be a "ghost" connection. This then causes problems when trying to hear anything else on the device. If your speakers were hooked in via Bluetooth this could be the problem. To fix this, simply turn off the Bluetooth settings on the device.

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