Speaker for gaming/movies : 2.1 PC speaker vs bluetooth speaker

andi okem

Jun 2, 2013
i'm considering to buy a speaker for my PC.

Mostly for gaming and watching movie, so i need the surround fx. I don't have high budget , it may under $200 - $250. So i watch some good review of 2.1 speaker in that range of price to be best for gaming like : logitech g650 or z625 or harman soundstick etc.

But now i'm thinking to go to bluetooth speaker. Nowadays there are some decent quality bluetooth speakers like harman aura2 , jbl extreme , bose etc.

- So the basic idea is when i'm switching my options from those 2.1 speakers to a simple single bluetooth one, what will i loose ?

- can those bluetooth speakers beat the 2.1 in term of sound quality and surround effect ?
Does anyone really make or hear a real comparison between them ? (Pls limit this only for those speakers i mentioned before or any other which still in range of my budget)

I like the feature of wireless and size factor and portability /simplicity of those bluetooth speaker , but it doesn't necessary become my major priority. So if i choose the bluetooth speaker, will i sacrifice some god things from 2.1 speaker?
My only concern that this comparison only in term of sound quality and the surround effect. I don't really care for power or battery etc (my room is 3m x 3m).

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