Speaker/headphones static when playing games.


Aug 21, 2015
Hello :) This is my first post here.. I have found a LOT of solutions here through the times, and I thought I would ask you guys for help with my particular problem.

I'm using a laptop (MSI GT70 Dominator), and a little while after I start a game a static noise will start coming out of the speakers. At first it starts very silent, and then when there's a lot going on in the game, and the graphics card starts to work harder the static gets higher. it seems to be directly related to the graphics card. When there's no or very little load on the graphics card it's very silent, or not there at all, and as the load on the graphics card rises so will the static. If there's a lot of static and I tab out of the game the static will start to go away almost immediately, and if I plug in my headphones and start to use the graphics card the static will be in the headphones and not the speakers. The only difference between the speakers and headphones is that the speaker static will persist, but the headphone static will keep rising and then at some point the right headphone speaker will go silent and shortly thereafter the left one will. When I stop using the graphics card the same will happen, but in reverse order.

Hope someone can help, as I bought this laptop online and it would be quite the hassle sending it back if I can't fix it myself :)

Forgot to mention.. If i disable the speakers there will be no static at all, but then I won't be able to hera the sound from games, which pretty much sucks :)

Have you tried updating the drivers of both graphics card and your sound card?

- Uninstall the old drivers for the graphics and sound card from Programs and Feature then in Device Manager.
- Download and install the latest driver from MSI support site and in NVIDIA's site for the graphics card.
- Links for the following drivers are listed below.

Hope this helps.
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