Question Speaker not working

Aug 7, 2021
I have a 1999 Volkswagen Jetta which is getting to be old but has such low mileage but the speaker were bad so while helping my mom with getting new speakers I decided it was time to get some myself. She convinced me to let the people do it but I do not like if anyone but myself works on the car. I got my car back and they worked amazing especially with my after market radio I had installed myself. Well I was driving when the passenger’s speaker went out around 2 hours after I had gotten them installed. It’s an hour drive to the place where I got them done and if they messed it up I didn’t want them to mess with my car anymore so I got my door panel off and went to work. The wiring they did was bad and so I redid that and it didn’t work so I redid the whole wire for the speakers to radio. It’s started to work more and more and then I redid my whole radio harness and instead of using connectors I soldered them and the speakers instead. The one speaker still is off and on and I tested the speaker and it seems to be fine so I believe it my be my head units internal amp. The speaker doesn’t want to work with to little volume or too high and even in middle it still wants to cut out but less. I’m playing on installing an amp and using that instead of the internal one but I want to know if anyone believes that there is another problem. My soldering skills are pretty good and there is no damage to the brand new wires. And I’m fine with installing an amp as I want to get subs soon so I’ll need it anyways but I want to make sure I know everything I can do. Ps. I hear static sometimes for the start up of radio and the tweeter to the speaker is working and it’s using the same wire as the speaker
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