Speakers for Sony DN1040?


Dec 9, 2013
I have NO clue how to match speakers to my receiver. 165 watt-8 Ohm at 1 kHz THD0.9%-7 channels-100watts-6 Ohm
I need detailed help
You can use any speaker that has a nominal impedance of 8 ohms. 6 ohms would be OK but actually have less power available to them. You cannot use speakers less than 6 ohms. The speaker will have a recommended range of power so anything that has a max or about 165 watts would be OK. If your room is large and you want high volume then a speakers with a greater efficiency rating would be good. This is usually give as a volume at 1m in front of the speaker with 1 watt applied such as 89db at 1 watt at 1m. The higher the number the louder it will play at 1 watt.
Take some of you own music with you to an audio store and use you ears to determine what you like.
Better stores will be able to steer you to speakers that will work well with your receiver.


Dec 9, 2013

Thank you so much for helping. I am still confused because I am reading different specs. on the DN1040 receiver. The operating manual-USA model only: with 6 Ohm loads, both channels driven, from 20-20,000Hz, rated 100 watts per channel MINIMUM RMS power, with no more than 0.09% THD from 250 Milliwatts to rated output. Amplifier selection USA and Canada Min RMS output power (6 Ohms, 100 W + 100W) Stereo 6 Ohms 120W+120W) Surround Mode 6 Ohm 165W per channel.
THE MANUAL READS: Models of area code U2 only with 8 Ohms both channel driven , 20Hz-20,000Hz rated 100 watts per channel MINIMUM RMS power. Amp Selection( code U2 Minimum RMS out power 8 Ohms 20 Hz-20kHZ, 100 W+100 W), ( Stereo 8 Ohms 110W+110W) SURROUND SOUND output power to the second power? 8 Ohms 150 WATTS per CHANNEL
(Models of area code CA2) Which Area Code am I? UTAH, SO the online manual is different than the user manual.
I thought the lower the Ohms the better because of the resistance to electricity is lower. I understand the sensitivity of the speaker, 91 dB requires 25 watts to produce a given volume, the lower the dB the more power it takes to produce the same volume. I can not find NOMINAL IMPEDANCE, 6 Ohms have less power going to them because their is less resistance to electricity. Is their anyone I can TALK too? SONY replied...
SONY TECH SENT THIS...Re: Best 5 speakers for DN-1040
Go with 6 Ohms. All speakers should have the same impedance (refer to page 127 of the manual).

The receiver will not tolerate a speaker with less than 6 ohms. It would shut down to protect itself but anything higher is fine.
You can't really pick a speaker by the specs. Go to a bricks and mortar shop and tell the salesperson that you need a speaker 6 ohms or higher. Not hard to find. Listen to the speakers with a receiver similar to yours. Pick the one that sound best to you and that plays clearly at low volume and that get loud enough for you needs.
The efficiency tells you how loud the speaker will play with 1 watt at 1 meter. You should be fine with most speakers unless you are in a big room or need club volume levels. Then you will have to get a higher efficiency speaker which will limit your choices.


Jun 6, 2014
I pretty much agree with Americanaudiophile on this. Your ears will tell you more than anything. While speakers can vary, most today are 8 ohms, so you should be fine with whatever sounds good. You can pay as much or as little as you want, but if a $50 speaker sounds as good to you as a $500 speaker, go ahead and buy the $50 ones. In most cases you won't really need extra efficiency, but without knowing your taste in music, it's hard to advise. Anything short of reproducing a live Rock Concert should be fine.

And remember, you only have one set of ears. If you have to raise your voice to talk over it, it's probably too loud.

One more note on speaker impedance. The number is always a 'nominal' figure. impedance varies by frequency and an 8-ohm speaker can really vary from 2 to 20 ohms. The problem comes in when you start driving heavy, especially bass. The output transistors (or whatever) tend to convert more of the power into heat at lower impedance, which is usually in the lower frequencies.

Ask for a frequency response graph for the speaker before you buy, and maybe an impedance graph, as well. If they can give you one, it's probably a decent speaker. And check the company's website for company history. But the sound should override most other factors.

Update(6/19): The different power (watts) numbers are based on different testing guidelines. The power supply of the receiver can put out more power into just one or two channels than when all five are driven. Also, wbhen they say at 1khz, they mean it was tested with a single frequency (note on a keyboard). It is harder for an amplifier to reproduce multiple notes without distortion (THD=Total Harminic Distortion, the interaction between multiple notes).


Instead of a brick and mortar shop(big box store) find a local stereo shop that sells new and used. You might be able to find some used speakers for a good price and they may offer a trade in value if you decide to upgrade in the future.


Jun 30, 2014

HI, I just got the DN1040 at a great price and I'm replacing my current Onkyo (over 5 years old) reciever. I just realized my speakers have an 8Ohm /Max 125 W/channel rating. Here's a link to the speaker set I have: http://www.crutchfield.com/S-IzvKCBKYDoN/p_108TSS12HC/Infinity-TSS-1200-Charcoal.html

I understand 8 Ohms is fine but would the 125W max limit on the speakers be compatible with the DN1040 (which has a 165W/ channel rating)?

Thanks in advance for your help!


The receiver should be ok for those speakers. You just have be to careful since most receiver manufacturers rate their amps @ 8ohms
1kHz. The amps should be rated @ 20Hz to 20kHz for all channels. Some will give this rating for just 2.0(stereo). It's always best to dig into the specs and see what they really can do. The amps in receivers are average at best but this model should be fine for that speaker set.

More power is generally a good thing but then again it depends on the amp quality.

Be seeing you, the Prisoner...


Jul 4, 2014
good,Take some of you own music with you to an audio store and use you ears to determine what you like.
Better stores will be able to steer you to speakers that will work well with your receiver. thanks
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