Question Speakers muting themselves for 1 second every 15 seconds

Aug 28, 2019

So the strangest things are happening to my computer speakers, about every 15 seconds or so they mute the sound for 1 second and then resume. This happens in every application across windows 10. And on both 3.5mm ports on my computer. My headphones (DT 990) work fine on both ports without any interruptions.

I have the Edifier E25 speakers, which also has Bluetooth mode in addition to a 3.5mm jack. In Bluetooth mode, they work fine.

I should note this started happening after I installed 2 extra case fans into my computer.

My PC:
Mobo: Asus 110i-PLUS
CPU: Intel i7-6700
GPU: MSI 1060 3B
Case: Node 202
PSU: SF450 Gold

Things I have tried that didn't work:
  • Turning them off/on, unplugging the power supply.
  • Different ports on pc.
  • Reinstalling my Realtek audio drivers.
Any help is appreciated, thanks!
Edit: The problem seems to have gone away. This is strange but I suspect it's actually because my Bluetooth microphone (Modmic Wireless) was trying to connect to my Bluetooth speakers every 15 seconds. (But failing obviously)

So when I turned my Modmic Wireless off, the speakers are working fine.
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