Spilled alcohol on my keyboard completely unresponsive


Sep 20, 2015
hello! After frying the motherboard on my last computer by consistently laying it on the carpet, I purchased a brand new HP notebook a week ago... And it only took me a week to screw up again. This time it involved me spilling a few shots of berry new amsterdam vodka all over my keyboard! I was doing homework while drinking (don't judge it helps) and tipped my glass over and it spilled about Id say 3-4 shots all over my keyboard.
The laptop automatically shut off and I freaked out in a drunken panic unplugged everything took out my battery spread open my laptop and left in upside down lying on paper towels overnight.
I then woke up turned it on praying and it seemed to work fine. Only problem is I can't log in now! The keyboard at first worked but was problemAtic, for example typing Uu instead of u or jj instead of J but then it evidentially gave up and stopped responding completely. So then I tried to use the touch screen keyboard, completely unresponsive. ANY TIPS besides take better care of your computer (this is all I've been hearing lately)


Mar 18, 2014
Should have not turned it on but try to soak most of it. Then disassembly the laptop , which will void the warranty but you already done that with water damage, so you can clean the spill underneath. Then let it dry for a week or so.


Jan 16, 2013
The only thing you can really try (if you are up to the task) would be disassembling the laptop and thoroughly cleaning everything with isopropyl rubbing alcohol. Make sure to give everything plenty of time to dry thoroughly and then re assemble and hope that it works.