Sprint CFO Says the Carrier Network Could Sell 4G iPhone

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Oct 28, 2009
To say they wasted their money on that is a serious understatement. They could have spent all that money improving their infrastructure instead. Oh well, not my problem.


Feb 2, 2011
[citation][nom]freggo[/nom]That's some $667 per iPhone.In these quantities you'd think Apple would offer some sort of quantity discount.[/citation]

each iPhone customer makes them FAR more than $667 over 2 years. C


Nov 15, 2008
I agree with whysobluepandabear. Sprint is a great company with the most reasonable pricing. Verizon and AT&T are moving us backwards just like internet companies with all the capping of data, additional charges, etc.

I hope Sprint turns around and does well.


I've left Sprint to go back to Verizon after eight years. Why? Because ever since they got the iPhone and lots of new customers, they've decided that they don't need us long time customers. The final straw was when I bought a Dell notebook with built in WiMax from Sprint. One of the major selling points and reason I chose to buy from them was "unlimited WiMax 4G". A couple of months into the two year contract, Sprint changed the terms and now the 4G is limited to 5GB a month. The same thing for folks who bought 4G hotspots from them. According to Sprint, they didn't change the contract as 4G wasn't mentioned in it so there's no adverse material change and hence I had to pay an Early Termination Fee. Considering the difficulty in switching the notebook from WiMax to WiFi, I just left it on WiMax all of the time. Most months I'd have been OK. But my last month I downloaded a lot of disc images from MSDN and data uploads to our servers as we switched to Amazon Web Services. My bill from Sprint WOULD have been over $500! The Sprint CEO has stated several times that the unlimited data on the phones will go away as well. It'll happen when the bean counters decide that the bandwidth savings and early termination fees will offset the loss of customers.


Mar 29, 2012
If you're not rooting for Sprint, you're a re-re. They're the ONLY company that offers reasonable rates & unlimited everything (nix landline minutes during certain time frames).

T-mo, AT&T and Verizon ALL meter you, and the latter two rape you in the ass w/o lube for iPhone service.

Sure, they're not the absolute best in terms of coverage, but if you're in a semi-populated area, you more than likely get just as good coverage as the other carriers.
I was with Sprint up until about a week ago when I switched to Verizon and got the Galaxy Nexus. Sure, the cheap(er) service plans and truly unlimited data with Sprint were nice, but they come at a cost. The cost is being on the slowest network in America, the network with the worst coverage, and the network that's usually last, if ever, to get the high-end devices.

Ever since Sprint got the iPhone, their 3G speed is nigh unusably slow. Verizon's LTE (in my area) is roughly 6x faster than Sprint's WiMAX, and Verizon's 3G is about 4x faster than Sprint's.

I did like having unlimited data with Sprint, but I averaged under 9GB per month of data use. I switched to Verizon during their double data promotion and got the 10GB data pack. My work gives me a 15% discount for being with Verizon, so my bill is almost exactly the same.

Sprint has the right idea, but really, really needs to upgrade their network and device selection to be competitive.
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