SSD in ODD not reconized in BIOS, but accessible in Explorer


Dec 4, 2015
Hi all,

I've read alot of these types of topics on the past hours, but few describe my situation, so I'm desperate for any help.

I'll just post the entire installation proccess and troubleshooting i did:

Laptop: Toshiba Satelite L50-A-18T(pskk6e)
SSD: Samsung 850 EVO 250GB mounted in Optical Drive with a caddy

    -I did NOT install like samsung instructed on the instructions paper(didn't have SATA/USB connector)
    -I swapped the ODD with the caddy with the SSD
    -Used Samsung migration(SSD not recognized in explorer, but recognized in samsung migrate)
    -Rebooted, SSD still not visible through explorer nor bios
    -Used Samsung Magician to update firmware and rebooted after
    -SSD still not visible in explorer, I checked it was offline because it had the same name and drive letter, so i turned it on Online by right-clicking on "Computer Management"/"Disk Management"
    -SSD is now visible and accessible in explorer.

But when i boot, the Read/Write LED of the caddy doesnt blink until im logged in Windows.
And if i go into BIOS, it says on the main screen ODD is not present, and on the boot order, it only shows Network card(ethernet) and HDD as boot options.

I have refrained from updating my BIOS yet, and I'd leave that for the last resort.

Thank you very much.

Put the original HDD into the caddy, and the SSD into the spot the HDD was. Worth a try.

Perhaps you should just install the ssd into the original hdd spot, then see if you can get it recognized as your boot drive before you install the original hdd in the spot meant for the odd.