SSD replacement fails


Jan 1, 2015
Hi there,

I just got a new SSD (Samsung 850 EVO 256 GB) to replace the existing stock smaller Samsung SSD that was already in my Dell Latitude E6410 laptop. The new drive is only about 1/8" smaller than the old one length-wise but that's enough to not work together with the caddy. Without it, I can insert the new drive and make it work, but with the caddy, it physically stops before reaching the connectors in the back and doesn't quite make it. Any suggestions on how to make it work with the caddy?

Thank you.


Oct 9, 2006
I am surprised at the size difference. I would have thought that drives were standard dimensions.
I once had a laptop delivered, missing the caddy.
I solved the problem by folding up some paper so that it made a snug fit.
If the caddy is I/8" too long, why not grind of cut off the needed 1/8"


Jan 1, 2015

Yeah, it's a PITA. The new drive is 1/8" too short, not too long. I tried fillers already (paper, tape, foam, plastic) to nudge the drive closer to the end but when I use those, it puts the caddy faceplate too far from the screw holes on front of drive and I was unable to attach it. This caddy, unlike most others, does not make any provisions for different drive sizes and only has only one screw hole.
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